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itunes download

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itunes download

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itunes download

itunes download I have an iMac which is setup for home sharing. On my MacBook Air I am able to see the full library of movies that I have ripped and stored in my iMac library. But on my iPhone when I go to the Video app and select Shared and my library I only see two of the movies I have on the iMac. How can I see all of the content? We went ahead and verified the security code and progressed through the subsequent dialog boxes to see where it went. After entering the security code, a box popped up to confirm that we wanted to purchase. We clicked ‘yes’, and THEN a window popped up indicating that the app had already been purchased and allowed us to download without paying again.Dear iTunes Support Team, I have recently started purchasing albums from the iTunes store and I am planning to buy even more in the near future. However, itunes download the U.S. iTunes store only offers a few German Artists/Albums. I’m happy that you are expanding the iTunes store with songs from all over the world and I’m happy that you are offering a few yet more and more German songs. I would highly appreciate it, if you could add Artists like Shindy, Bushido, Sido with their albums (NWA, NWA 2.0, FBGM, AMYF, Sonny Black) to your U.S. Store. I don’t live in Germany anymore and therefore don’t have German credit cards to switch over to the Getman iTunes store. You have some Bushido Albums available in the U.S. store available for purchase but I specifically am interestsed in his other albums. Also, the artists I mentioned above are only available in the German iTunes store and not available in the U.S iTunes store yet. Please kindly respond back to me. I would be more than happy to hear about a possible solution from your side. Thanks a lot! I’m having trouble with iTunes app purchases with family sharing.
Child #1 purchased an app (a few weeks ago)–not a free app.
Parent (sponsoring user) purchased another app (a couple of years ago)–not a free app.
Both apps support family sharing, according to the itunes store listing.
Child #2 with iTunes 11.4, Mac OS X 10.6.8, trying to download either app, gets the same behavior.
Click on the purchase button.
Dialog: “Are you sure you want to buy and download “App name here” ? Your credit card will be charged for this purchase and your app will begin to download immediately. (unchecked box) Don’t ask me about buying iOS apps again. (cancel) (buy)”
click “buy”
Next dialog: “A family member has already bought this item. itunes download A family member has already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK. (cancel) (ok)”
click “OK”
Next dialog: “Could not purchase “App name here”. The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. (OK) ”

Help? This happens every time I try it. Also happens on the iPod when trying to buy (iPod touch, iOS 6.1.6, PE178LL/A) I think I uncovered a weird bug.

I set up my family to use the family share/authorization capability in ios 8 on our iphones.

It was all working fine, until my kids added some itunes gift cards to their account.

The next time they wanted to make a music purchase, instead of sending me a message to ask permission, one sone got a message that my credit card security code needed to be entered on a screen on his phone. Until that was done, everything was blocked. Eventually, I added it, and then he was able to send the request message to me, which I authorized.

It is still unclear whether the itunes gift card will be debited, as I intended, or whether the charge will hit my apple id credit card.

The whole thing was weird. When I called tech support, first level support was clueless, and second level support never got on the phone with me after being on hold for an additional fifteen minutes. itunes download They told me to post about it on the generic apple feedback link.

All in all, a frustrating, not very apple like, experience.

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